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Graduate Physiotherapy Job

December 12, 2019


The Awesome Team
         Our Awesome Team

Below we highlight why as a newly qualified physio you have the skills for our graduate Physiotherapy Jobs. You certainly don’t need to worry about being newly qualified!


We’ve moved away from the traditional model of hiring self-employed physios. We employ all of our staff. As such we can invest more heavily in our staff development. As a graduate Physiotherapist, you will be closely supported by our senior clinicians ensuring you’re comfortable in delivering excellence.

Initially this will focus on developing your core skills:Dave taking a history

  • concise subjective & objective assessments.
  • clinically reasoning treatments.
  • accurate documentation.
  • succinct letter writing.


As confidence grows we focus on refining assessments. Broadening your range of treatments and understanding when to use them. Once you’re independently managing your diary we start exploring how to develop long term relationships with patients. This is a core difference and benefit of working with us because you’re not limited by the length of the treatment journey. As such you feel awesome about yourself- what graduate physio doesn’t want this?

All this supports a more proactive model of Health & Wellbeing rather than a reactive one. This would traditionally be where patients seek our help once in pain. Moreover it provides opportunities for you to nurture a patient. It also enables you to highlight what they can really achieve. Its not just getting rid of pain and sending them on their way. Help them realise how amazing their body is so they can achieve MORE from it!!

Our patients don’t always need to go to a gym or use a personal trainer, we can provide the whole journey. This cements trust. Consequently we often become patient’s “go-to” for all MSK issues. 

Send us with your CV now!


As well as dedicated one-on-one time we all have weekly CPD together. A different therapist will lead each week.  They will discuss patients they may be struggling with or have had successes with. This allows all clinicians to reflect and suggest ideas, thus supporting one another. With an ingrained family culture you will have the opportunity to work alongside all our therapists. We are all about supporting you in this graduate physiotherapy job. CPD Kesson Physio have big goals. Check out our careers page for our growth plans that you will be part of.

Our admin team are incredible. They support all processes within the clinic. This way you only need to focus on being a great physio. The admin team mange all appointments, payments, sending discharge reports and chasing results. Trust us when we say we couldn’t be Faversham’s best physio clinic without them!Admin teamIf you’ve read this far you’re interested in a graduate physio job at Kesson Physio, so get in contact today!

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