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December 12, 2019

Calling all graduate physiotherapists: guarantee excitement and start your clinical journey in the private sector.

Kesson Physiotherapy in Kent are moving away from the traditional fee-paying model of hiring self-employed clinicians to employing all of their staff. This enables them to invest more heavily in their development and education. As a physiotherapist, you will be closely supported by their senior clinicians to ensure you are comfortable and confident in delivering clinical excellence.

Initially this will focus on developing your core skills of:

  • succinct objective assessments
  • clinically reasoning effective treatment options
  • accurate documentation
  • concise letter writing

As your confidence grows your focus will shift more to refining the objective assessment, broadening the range of treatment techniques and understanding when to apply them. Once you are beginning to manage your diary independently they support you in the exploration of forging long term working relationships with your patients. This is one of the fundamental differences and benefits of the private sector where you, as the clinician, have the ability to work with your patients over a much longer time frame. This facilitates a more proactive model of health and wellbeing rather than a reactive one where patients seek help only once they are in pain. It also provides the opportunity for you to really nurture a patient and demonstrate what the patient can achieve with the right environment.

Kesson Physiotherapy’s clinic has also been constructed with the concept of following the patient along their complete rehabilitation journey; for example, they run their own Pilates, Yoga, Spin, Lower Limb Rehabilitation groups and Falls Prevention groups. This enables them to follow the patient from a bespoke 1-to-1 clinical environment to more of a strength and conditioning environment relevant to the patient’s goals. Patients don’t necessarily need to go to a gym or transition across to a personal trainer, Kessons provides the whole journey. This forges trust and their Physiotherapists often become their “go-to” primary care advisor for any musculo-skeletal ailment.

Alongside dedicated one-on-one time with a senior clinician in the early phases of starting Kessons have weekly CPD which all clinicians attend. A different clinician will lead each week where they present a patient/s whom they may either be struggling with or have had a real success from. This allows all clinicians to reflect and propose strategies/ideas to support one another. With a very strong family culture ingrained within the business, you would have the ability to work alongside other clinicians with patients either you or they may be struggling with to support clinical development.

Coupled with a very strong admin team supporting all their clinicians, you don’t need to worry about making appointments, taking payments, sending patient discharge reports, nor chasing investigation results. This is all taken care of, allowing you to dedicate all your focus to the patient interaction.

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