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Had a Nice Trip Recently? How to stop falling

May 14, 2020

Find out how we can stop you falling!

A third of people over 65 fall every year and nearly half who are over 80.  If you have fallen you have a 50% chance of falling again within the year, does this sound familiar? Sadly, nearly 25% of falls cause significant injury, these can be prevented though. Read more official stats here if you are interested.

Not great reading is it? The good news though, it is never too late to improve your balance and stop you falling. Our Physio Luke has put together some tips to help you prevent having a fall in the first place. Some may sound obvious and simple but you would be surprised at how these small changes can stop you falling. 

Luke’s Top Tips:

Tip 1 – Keep moving.  Sitting for longer than 30 minutes can mean you stiffen up which makes you more at risk of falling when you first stand up.  Do some simple toe and heel taps, bend and straighten each leg and gently march your knees up and down before you stand up.

Tip 2 – Organise your home.  Keep the walk-through areas clear and place things you use often in easy to reach places.

Tip 3 – Mop up spillages.  Do this straight away to avoid slipping on wet floors.

Tip 4 – Take care when getting up during the night.  Use high wattage lamps and place them in easy to reach positions to switch on.

Tip 5 – Remove trip hazards.  Clear away clutter, wires, frayed carpet and rugs.

Tip 6 -Use non-slip mats.  Put a carpet grip underneath.

Tip 7 – Use a grip mat.  Place one in the bath and or shower and use grab rails for getting in and out.

Tip 8 – Avoid wearing long trailing clothes.  These can trip you up, raise the hem or wear a belt to hold up excess material.

Tip 9 – Wear well-fitting slippers and shoes.  Make sure they are in good condition, good grip and support the ankle.  Avoid walking on slippery floors in socks or tights.

Physiotherapy is one of the best strategies to stop you falling: read the evidence here.

Physiotherapy lead exercise programmes focus on falls prevention by: improving balance, increasing self confidence, reducing fear of falling and promoting active and healthy lifestyles. Amazingly a 12 week course has been shown to reduce falls by 32%. 

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Don’t be afraid of the problem any longer. The only way to get more confident on your feet is to face it head on. We are here to help you – to find out about our Better Balance Group get in touch on 01795 534113 or contact@kessonphysio.co.uk

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