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The Challenge after Intensive Care

June 1, 2020

The UK is starting to look like it its returning to some semblance of normality. So many patients have required the expert care of our ICU (Intensive Care Unit) clinicians around the UK. For some the journey is just beginning upon discharge; it’s “The End of the Beginning”. Rehabilitation post ICU is essential to ensure a full recovery.

This is “The Challenge after Intensive Care”!

Around the UK Physiotherapists are delivering rehabilitation programmes for those most affected by Covid-19. The government predict that 45% of ICU patients will need some form of medical care after discharge. There is expectations that “there will be longstanding psychological problems patients will need support with”.

Experts are saying that the challenge after intensive care will mean some patients will require a minimum of 8 weeks of “Pulmonary Rehabilitation” (PR). We design PR programmes to challenge the lungs, heart and muscles. This makes them more efficient, so they use less oxygen and deliver a better output. In some people they can lose up to 30% of their muscle mass in the first 10 days of ICU. They can also lose up to 10-20% of their bone density after 2 weeks. PR can reverse both of these. RehabilitationHere at Kesson Physiotherapy we are perfectly placed to support you or a loved one who may be recovering post ICU. This can be done in our state of the art clinic, virtually from the comfort & security of your own home or as a home visit. Have a read of this article on our virtual physio appointments.   

Recovered patients we are already working with say they’re really valuing having an expert to talk to about:

  • Exercising safely.
  • Managing breathlessness.
  • Setting positive goals.
  • How to mix strength v aerobic exercises.

So don’t wait any longer, call now to book an appointment with our team- 01795 534113. 

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