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Covid-19?! It’s a pain in the back!

February 16, 2021

Covid?! It’s a pain in the back!

The Covid pandemic and lockdown restrictions have meant a lot of us spending large parts of our day sitting either working from home or watching box sets (or both!).

Sitting should be the reward of getting to relax after a long day on your feet. For many, however, it seems we spend most of our waking hours in this position. Therefore it is important that we do our best to reduce the effects of lengthy sitting and a less active lifestyle.

It should come as no surprise that your spine finds movement the best way to ward off back pain. Doing daily physical activity such as walking, running, cycling and swimming makes your back stronger and reduces the chance of back pain. The best exercises for back health improve its strength and flexibility.

If you know you are going to be sitting for a while plan regular breaks every 30 minutes or so. Stand up and stretch or move around. If you can, take calls and meetings standing up or pacing around the house.

Watch our short video to familiarise yourself with these exercises and make sure you are doing them properly. Also make sure you follow us to get great regular tips to keep you “Moving better, Living Better”


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A simple exercise to do after sitting for some time is to stand up, place your hands behind either side of the base of your spine/top of your buttocks and arch your back. You only need to hold this position for the time it takes to release one large breath and it is good to repeat it three times in a row. You should find that you are able to stretch further on the third attempt than the first. In fact, this stretch is so good you will often find yourself doing it without thinking. When this does happen, listen to your body. Take the hint and if you can start moving around rather than going straight back to sitting.

The other movement your spine likes is to rotate. Sitting rarely includes a lot of rotation so it will be up to you how you incorporate this into your daily routine. One way is to sit with your arms crossed over your chest and twist to the right and then to the left. Time each of your twists with a breath out and relax your body. Repeat 3 times to each side. You can do something similar whilst standing up but keep your feet together as you twist right and left.

Another really great mobility exercise (although perhaps not to be performed at the office!) is upper back rotations when you’re on all fours:

  1. First kneel down on all fours, then rock yourself back so your bottom touches your ankles, which allows your lower back to bend.
  2. Then, keeping your left hand in contact with the ground, lift your right hand out to the side, keeping your arm straight and point to the ceiling; follow your hand with your head so you are looking up also.
  3. Then, bring your right hand back down and reach under your body so it finishes pointing to the left between your left arm and left thigh.
  4. Repeat this 3 times then switch to the other side.

Keeping you back supple not only reduces your chances of back pain, it also helps your overall movement. Make these exercises a part of your daily routine and create a positive step forward in helping your overall spine health.

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