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How to spot a great physio

May 10, 2021

When I am out and about I often get asked “What do you do?”. Of course my honest reply is “I am a Physio”. Then I typically might hear the following “I bet you hate this, but can I ask you about my back pain”?

People will then often tell me about their experiences of seeing a Physiotherapist. Mostly these are positive stories but occasionally people say “Physio didn’t help me”, or “my Physio didn’t do anything. They just gave me exercises”.

It is hearing these types of reactions that has led me to write this blog. I would like you to know how you can tell if your Physio is a good one and if they are going to help you Move Better and Live Better.

The answer is a simple one and it does apply to any healthcare professional you might see.

You will know that you have seen a good Physio when you leave the appointment with a clear understanding of 3 things:

  • what they found out during their assessment,
  • what the plan of action is, and
  • why it is important you follow it.

If your Physio used words you didn’t understand or gave you exercises but you don’t why you need to do them, then you are very unlikely to improve your condition.

It comes as no surprise to us, that unless you are given a clear path to tread, you then won’t follow it with confidence and are more likely to stay doing what you’ve always done, which helped cause the problem in the first place.

This is why, at Kesson Physio, it is important that we spend time helping each and every one of our patients learn about their condition, pain and function. In doing this, we deliver our promise to empower our patients through this education and ensure they are motivated to Move Better and Live Better.

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