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How Coaching Enhances Our Performance

October 11, 2021

Whenever a patient comes to Kesson Physio they expect the very best from our team.  Consequently, all of us at Kesson Physiotherapy know we must perform every day we come into work.  It’s also what we expect of one another.   Coaching is one of the ways we ensure that we deliver that performance and that our patients get the treatment and service they expect and deserve. This is how coaching works (for us!).

Coaching in the clinic: our approach to coaching is essentially based on a professional helping relationship, where we focus on the needs of the team member being coached.  We use coaching to unlock the potential of our team members, where we get to encourage future self-directed learning and development.

Our managers and leaders are the coaches, where they engage with our team members frequently and regularly.  These scheduled 1-to-1, confidential coaching sessions, typically take place every 2 weeks for half an hour.

The benefits of coaching are clear to us:

1. Personal effectiveness: we know that 1-to-1 coaching increase a person’s effectiveness whilst at work, plus it instills a coaching culture which benefits us all.

2. Team effectiveness: coaching helps us become more effective as a team, improving communication, reflection and self-development.

3. Increased self-worth: when effectively coached, our team members have greater self-belief and confidence and more aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

We use coaching to build on people’s existing skills.  We employ good people and we want to help them excel at something they are already doing well.

As a caring profession, a team member’s wellbeing is very important to us.  Wellbeing at work is a mixture of life satisfaction, work–life balance and a positive effect while working. In order to achieve this balance, people must have the resources to do their work. Coaching enables us to deliver that.

Example: Luke Mitri took up the offer of coaching from his manager at Kesson Physio, Charlie Lloyd-Hughes.  As Luke was relatively new to the practice, he recognised there would be a period of change as he adapted to the new ways of working and to what was expected of him.  Early on in the coaching process, Charlie helped Luke breakdown his professional ambitions into meaningful objectives, with timelines, plus identify the means by which Luke could achieve these, as well as how he would develop his physiotherapy and patient facing skills along the way.  With this support, Luke has established his place in the team by not just hitting his goals, he exceeds them.

Our coaches’ toolbox!

Our coaches have several tools available to help their fellow team members, whether that’s focused, open-ended questioning to encourage reflection or active listening, i.e. working out what needs to be done in order to succeed.  Our coaches are there to motivate their colleagues, identifying what they want to achieve, as well as give constructive feedback, so that people know exactly what they need to focus on. 

We will always want to build on our positive culture.  It was an easy decision for us to take on coaching at Kesson Physio.  It has already delivered many benefits, injecting energy into the workplace, encouraging communication and boosting our relationships with even more patients.

Simply put, coaching gives us a way to have meaningful conversations with our team members, where we get to maximise their potential and empower them to create their own solutions to the challenges or work – and life!

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