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You are not alone. One in eight of us will suffer with back pain at some point (not wanting to mention the ageing process but with it comes a higher chance of injury).

Don’t worry though, 99% of back pain gets better with physio and you are in good hands. Let us take you on a journey that will mean that you move better and live better. To help you start your journey on the right foot, we would like to offer you a £10 gift voucher which can be used towards an appointment or one of our fitness classes.

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"I’ve been an active person most of my life and had an ongoing lower back issue for the past 5 years.

Initially I felt that I could manage it, however this turned into something far more severe. At times I was in tears due to my inability to be properly functional. I was frustrated, anxious and I felt that my
options to still have an active lifestyle would be limited. Having continually researched, seen a number of physios and osteos, all to no avail. It was a relief to finally find somewhere that could
quickly diagnose the root cause of the problem.

After my long journey no words will be able to express my gratitude to this practice and I could not recommend Kesson Physio enough."


"I had a trapped sciatic nerve from poor posture, caused by weak glutes and a weak core. My rehab focused on correcting my posture through better pelvic alignment, strengthening my glutes, building up from very small focused exercises, e.g. clams to larger more challenging exercises like jumping lunges.

At the beginning of lockdown I wasn’t able to walk with my children without experiencing pain, 10 weeks into lockdown, and after 8 weeks of physio from Denise I was able to start running again.

When the pain first started I didn’t understand where it was coming from, or what was causing it, I genuinely thought I wouldn’t run again.”


"I first visited Denise in January 2019. At that point I’d probably hit rock bottom. Denise took the time to see me after some previous physio treatment had not gone well. She listened to my story and ongoing problems and issues. My life at that time consisted of moving from the sofa to bed and back again. I felt in a lot of pain, particularly in my back. I had muscle spasms and twitches and had completely lost confidence in my body’s ability to do anything.

Working again and doing any exercise at all felt impossible. Slowly but surely Denise helped me overcome the physical and psychological challenges. As I write in September 2020, I find myself working, playing golf and tennis again after 20 years, cycling regularly and hope to at least attempt running again soon. I will be forever grateful for the help, support and advice Denise was able to provide at a time when I needed it the most."










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