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Being a Physiotherapist is an incredibly highly sought after job even getting onto the degree course can prove tough. However, if they do succeed then they could find themselves working with some of the best therapy teams in the world.

A Physiotherapist helps people with physical problems caused by illness, injury or aging. They could be working anywhere from a hospital ward to the pitch of a major Premiership football team. Whatever their specialisation, fundamentally they will be key to rehabilitating ill and injured patients.

Being a Physiotherapist is a very intensive caring role in the medical profession. You will end up:

  • Developing treatment programmes helping patients who have suffered injury or illness
  • Rehabilitating very ill patients
  • Writing case notes and reports

Although this is far from covering everything!

You will have to work hard to become a Physiotherapist but once you’ve qualified your salary can be pretty good. You can expect to be on £21,000 – £28,000 per year as a starting salary in the NHS and this quickly increases if you work for a private company. Chances for progression are also excellent.

A major positive from the Physiotherapist role is helping a patient to overcome a serious injury or illness as they slowly learn to walk again can be incredibly rewarding.

On the flip side, the road to recovery is often a hard one and you can expect patients to take out their frustrations on you. Expect to be yelled out and to deal with tantrums and tears. Patience is a must!

To qualify as a Physiotherapist, you’ll first need top GCSEs and A Levels just to get onto an accredited physiotherapy degree course. Alternatively, if you already have a 2:1 or above in a biology or sports science degree then you can undertake an accredited postgraduate qualification.

In terms of the skills you need to become a successful Physiotherapist you should be practical, numerical and caring with great communication skill. Physiotherapists also need to have very well-rounded personalities, and these aren’t easy to find! This is a job that can be very intense and you have to be incredibly patient with people as they struggle to come to terms with their rehabilitation process.

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