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Physiotherapy during Lockdown

April 27, 2020

The media is constantly highlighting how the current pandemic is causing disruption in our personal lives and how to invest in our Health & Wellbeing. We will tell you how you can continue to receive our expert Physiotherapy care during lockdown!

Virtual physio appointments
Physiotherapy during lockdown

Support social distancing and help Protect our NHS!!

In many ways we are business as usual, where we continue to treat patients. In addition run our health & wellbeing classes, albeit now using technology.  As Covid-19 has spread, so too has the demand for our Physiotherapy in lockdown.

Patients are no longer able to physically attend their treatment session so we provide them with a Virtual Session. We will arrange a Physiotherapy session which will be delivered using technology to assess and then advise you. We will then send you the exercises you need ( video and picture format) with clear instructions for you to get going again.

Contact us now to arrange your session

We have been delivering this service for several weeks; it has been LOVED by patients- NHS & private. You don’t need to continue to suffer- you can still have our expert Physiotherapy care whilst in lockdown!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help you or your family members during this time. Call now on 01795 534113 to book in your Virtual appointment.


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