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Is Pilates for me?

September 14, 2023

Does having control and freedom in your body’s movement sound good to you? 

Pilates might be just what you need.

It will challenge your body to achieve things you haven’t ever asked or expected for a while and nurture your overall wellbeing.

Pilates uses six guiding principles;



Breathing is essential for life (pointing out the obvious – I am aware) but did you know you can breathe in the wrong way?

Science has proven that bad breathing habits can increase nerve pain, worsen posture, impact our ability to move and affect continence.

Good breathing habits are life changing. A deep, slow inhale sends signals to the brain to calm down, reducing stress in the body and mind.

Pilates teaches you good breathing habits.



Mindful movement is powerful. It can reduce stress, blood pressure and support pain management.

Pilates teaches you to focus your attention inwards and feel where you are moving from and what muscles are working in class and in life.


Centre or ‘Powerhouse’

Muscles need to relax and contract. Good breathing habits help you connect to your centre and you can build a strong, solid basis for movement with you clenching, sucking in or bracing.



Pilates reconnects you with your body. 

Injury, illness, pregnancy  or years of inactivity can leave you feeling your body is out of control.

Learning new movement skills takes a conscious effort to produce. Over time they get hard-wired into the brain and become automatic.

Good movement habits become thoughtless.



Repeating movements with precision, initiating from the right part of your body and doing them in a way that requires the least amount of effort means they become second nature.

When you get the hang of Pilates exercises, bigger movements – running, squatting, jumping – become achievable and less challenging.



Practicing to change from one movement to another without pause builds coordination and ease of movement making your body ready for your next challenge of choice.


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