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We love the transformative power of Pilates; this is why…

April 18, 2024

Pilates focuses on balance, posture, strength, flexibility and stamina.

Our Mat classes and 1:1 Reformer sessions challenge your body to achieve things you haven’t ever asked or expected for a while whilst nurturing your overall wellbeing.

This April we are introducing a new 3:1 Pilates circuit class. Perfect for those who want to get more from their Pilates practice with targeted instruction that gets fast and visible results.

The circuit will have a maximum of 3 students and include weight training, the reformer, wunda chair and swiss ball.

Our disciplined and guided teaching supports you to go further.

You will literally see and feel the improvement in your body.

These new classes give you access to regular Pilates expertise so that you can achieve faster results, push your body further in different ways.

You will literally see your body change in front of your eyes.

Book your place in our Reformer Circuit Class and be ready to excel and build a body that can do so much more.

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