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Clinical Services Lead

The Clinical Services Lead possesses three main personal attributes that underpin their success in the role:

  1. A focus on patients, with a positive attitude, taking pride and responsibility whilst aspiring for excellence.
  2. Championing positive change, developing staff and creating a culture that empowers staff.
  3. Possessing exceptional clinical skills with a desire to develop and innovate in the field of persistent pain

These attributes are channelled by the Clinical Services Lead channels to deliver the main purpose of this role, which is to provide Clinical Leadership. This entails the development and implementation of our clinical strategy, ensuring we deliver safe, efficient and effective care, compatible with professional clinical standards and taking the lead in the overall planning of service delivery ensuring quality is maintained.

The Clinical Services Lead also act as a resource, providing advanced clinical reasoning skills, specialist support and advice to other clinical staff within and outside the organisation, whilst maintaining a clinical caseload of highly complex patients as an autonomous practitioner.

At a professional level, the Clinical Services Lead contributes to practice and workforce development, clinical governance and to the safe and effective delivery of clinical services. The promote our culture which is to empower patients to take responsibility for their health, well-being and future lifestyle by practising in an open and inclusive manner.

The Clinical Services Lead also manages a team of staff trained and untrained using both their management and leadership skills. They possess a joint responsibility for the recruitment and selection process to help ensure our skill mix/establishment meets workload, patient dependency levels and patient needs. They are key to demonstrating leadership in achieving high morale based on sound organisation, fair and clear staff relationships and good communications between all areas. They will also contribute to innovation, developing, planning and implementing business cases for new service delivery options.

From a non-clinical perspective, the Clinical Services Lead undertakes to regularly appraise team members and set objectives in line with their personal development and service requirements. Furthermore they support the Head of Operations in encouraging clinician behaviour to meet key performance indicators ensuring a commercial focus is maintained. They also work hard to ensure staff performance issues are dealt with in a professional, supportive, timely and effective manner, in line with our HR Policies.

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