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The Lead Physiotherapist provides effective physiotherapy assessment, treatment and management for a diverse range of clinical conditions. They play a key role within the multi-disciplinary team, working and leading with other team members to define and implement developments in the service and also providing teaching and training to other health care professionals.

The key responsibilities of the Lead Physiotherapist are:

  • To assess and manage own caseload of patients, make a diagnosis, and to develop and deliver individual specialised physiotherapy treatment programmes.
  • To work as an autonomous practitioner within the standards of the professional practice laid down by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Health Care Professions Council.
  • To work as a member of the multi-disciplinary team to deliver holistic care packages to the patients on the caseload. Often this involves working as a lone clinician.
  • To manage staff in the physiotherapy department including annual leave, sickness and staffing.
  • To undertake regular reviews of the Physiotherapy service and maintain standards of physiotherapy
  • To look after physiotherapy resources (i.e. equipment) and to organise annual servicing.

From a professional perspective the roles of Lead Physiotherapist requires them to be professionally and legally accountable for all aspects of own work, including the management of patients they treat. They are to maintain up-to-date records of intervention and develop their clinical skills through participating in clinical supervision

The Lead Physiotherapist also has a management responsibility for supervising and managing Physiotherapy Interns and other staff. They delegate tasks as appropriate to more junior or administrative staff and strive to work with the team to achieve the team objectives as well as contributing to service development and the day to day running of the team.

Not surprising the Lead Physiotherapist’s role has a number of Clinical requirements which include:

  • Undertaking comprehensive assessments of patients with a diverse range of complex presentations and multiple pathologies to make an accurate diagnosis, prognosis, intervention and discharge planning.
  • Ensuring all reports are dealt with in a timely manner and all documentation is maintained accurately and up to date.
  • Formulating and delivering specialised individual physiotherapy treatment programmes based on evidence-based practice and treatment options.
  • Using SMART goal-orientated treatment plans and outcome measures in order to progress treatment programmes.
  • Educating patients and their carers about their condition, treatment and likely prognosis.
  • Ordering, assessing, assembling and adjusting specialist equipment to ensure safe use.
  • Contributing to multi-disciplinary case conferences, goal planning meetings and other clinical meetings as appropriate.
  • Providing physiotherapy advice to the other professionals working in other clinical specialities.
  • Using specialist knowledge to refer to other disciplines such as orthotics, GP, dieticians, consultants as required.

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